CBSE Affiliation No- 830537

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Rules & Regulations


  • Students should be obedient. Failing which, such students will be sent out of the class, as there will be disturbance to the entire class from them.
  • Student should attend the classes in time. Students, who come late to the classes, will not be admitted. No student will be allowed to enter the class when once the bell is rung and the teacher has taken the class. If a student has to join the class, permission should be obtained from the principal. When a student is late to the class, the reason for coming late should be entered and signed by the parents in the diary without this note, the students will not be admitted to the class.
  • If a student was absent the previous day, the reason for such absence should be written in the diary and signed by the parents. Without this note, the students will not be admitted to the class next day by the class teachers.
  • Diary will be issued to each & every student soon after his/her admission. This diary should be brought to the class every day. No student will be admitted to class without it.
  • Each child will be given calendar of events for the year 2014-15. Parents can find all the necessary information for the whole academic year.
  • Student should bring all the text books, note books and other study materials required for the class work according to the time-table. Bringing Mobile phones is strictly prohibited.
  • Home work books should be brought to the class without fail. Students, who do not submit their home work books, will not be admitted to the classes. The matter will be recorded in the school
  • A student, who destroys property belonging to the school, shall be dismissed. The parents will have to pay the entire cost of the damaged property on intimation.
  • Students should inculcate discipline and good behavior. That is the aim of our school. Any student who acts against this shall have no place in our school and will be suspended from the school.
  • Students are expected to cover all their books with brown sheets and use labels to write their names throughout the year and personal cleanliness in given importance.


  • Parents will receive the updates about their ward’s activity in the school through SMS facility to the registered mobile number.
  • Parents are asked not to meet the teachers in the class hours. They are supposed to meet head of the Institution for any clarifications.
  • Parents are advised to co-operate with the school authorities in enforcing discipline by making sure that their children attend school regularly, sending students in neat and clean uniform, do the assignment, devote sufficient time to reading and revise their lessons at home and take interest in all the activities of the school.
  • If a student is absent, the Principal/Head Mistress must be notified immediately. The parents must state the reason for his/her absence in the leave record. Parents should see that their wards are present on the reopening day of each term/semester.
  • Parents and guardians should sign in ink all the reports notices and class work books of their wards when required to do so.
  • Any loss or damage to school property by the student will have to be made good by the parents/guardians. Littering and chewing gum within the school premises during school hours is prohibited.
  • Students must look after their belongings and must not bring any valuables or money to the school. Wearing gold/silver jewellery in the school is prohibited.